The dangers of Lifestyle Creep

Do you upgrade your lifestyle every time you get an increase or promotion at work? After all, who doesn’t want nicer things and more luxury conveniences.

Signs of upgrading

  • New subscriptions to streaming services or country clubs
  • New car with higher monthly premiums
  • You are buying fancier foods that are all organic and gluten free
  • You use car services instead of taking public transport
  • New house with higher mortgage
  • Your go out more often and go to nicer places
  • You eat out more often
  • You buy nicer and more expensive clothes
  • You spend more on grooming and grooming products e.g. hairdresser, manicures etc.
  • You go on vacation more often and stay in luxury hotels and destinations

If you can answer yes to several of these, then you could be in danger of experiencing lifestyle creep.

Lifestyle creep, the silent killer of pensions, is when as you earn more, you upgrade your lifestyle and spend more. You increase your spending but unfortunately not your savings.

This could lead to your retirement savings or emergency fund savings not being sufficient. If your monthly expenses increase and you don’t increase your retirement savings, you might not have enough to afford the lifestyle that you currently lead when you retire. This could see you downgrading your lifestyle at retirement.

It is important to increase your savings in relation to your expenses or try to avoid spending more when you get an increase.

  • Monitor your spending and keep a tight fist on your budget. Ask yourself if you really need a bigger house, newer car or that exclusive membership, or are you only doing it to maintain a status or keep up with the Jones’s?

If you suspect that you are falling victim to lifestyle creep, chat to your adviser immediately to help you get your finances under control and re-evaluate your savings strategy. [email protected]


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