Conveyancing Insurance

Thousands of properties in Portugal are under threat. Planning permission granted by local authorities can be overruled by the regional government, leaving the owners with fines, or worse, no building and no compensation.

All risk policy covers 18 insured events including:

•    Fines or penalties issued against the property
•    Settlement costs if court order obtained
•    Difference in value before and after action
•    Demolition and/or reinstatement costs
•    Legal fees/ Settlement costs
•    Policy to protect owners for 10 years (mortgage lender automatically covered) - Value up to €300k - €600 plus tax at 6%
•    Single premium cost: Value in excess of €300k – 0.2% of value, eg €700k = €1400 plus tax at 6% (The premiums shown do not apply to rural properties which will be assessed individually)