Finance conference to welcome 800 professionals

02 Aug 2019

Nova SBE, being one of Portugal’s leading institutes of business and economics, is anticipating over 800 participants will attend its annual conference of the European Finance Association (EFA) from the 21st to the 24th August. 

Miguel Ferreira, Nova SBE professor and director of its Scientific Council, said: “At this time there are already more than 700 participants enrolled for the EFA 2019, and we hope that the final number will exceed 800”. 

The event, which will be taking place in Portugal for a second time, aims to attract hundreds of financial economists stemming from some of the world’s top business schools. The only other time the event was hosted in Portugal was in 1992. 

“That is why it is a huge privilege to once more … organise this conference and bring to Nova SBE and to Portugal great names of research and teaching in the area of finance,” said Ferreira. 

He went on to say that the speakers, a lot of which are researchers, teachers, PhD students and other professionals in the financial industry, will share the results of their work while engaging in a discussion related to the field, industry and society. 

Topics that are scheduled to be mentioned are investments and financial markets, behavioural finance, company finances, corporate governance, financial intermediation and financial institutions, personal finances, international finance, property finance and the management of financial assets.

Ferreira noted that the conference “has a clear impact on civil society in various ways” due to the fact that realisations in the financial system will directly impact the economy and society. 

Additionally, he described the event as “a promoter of the country’s development, as it supports and encourages the development of local services and the tourism sector itself in Portugal.”

Ferreira revealed that 81 sessions and 234 studies are being presented, two of which by the Bank of Portugal and the European Commission.