Portugal’s house prices rise in Q4 2018

18 Jan 2019

housesPortugal’s house prices have increased by 6.6% during Q4 2018, with the price per square meter now surpassing the €2,100 mark, the Idealista marketplace prince index reveals.

The index showed that all regions saw a quarterly price increase, with the highest found in northern Portugal, Alentejo and Lisbon.

The city with the highest quarterly rise was Braga, at 12.8%, but the most expensive property prices per square meter were seen in Lisbon, Porto and Funchal.  

As for districts – out of the 20 observed, price rose in 14. The most expensive were Lisbon (€,262/sqm), Faro (€2,064/sqm), and Porto (€1,919/sqm).

The cheapest property prices were seen in Guarda (€609/sqm), Castelo Branco (€694/sqm) and Bragança (€697/sqm).