Wine exports increase in first half of 2019

17 Sep 2019

drinksThe Agriculture Ministry has revealed that Portugal’s wine exports expanded by 2.5% in the period between January and July of 2019, with the average price climbing by 5%, Macau Business reports.

As shown in a press release released by the Agriculture Minister’s office, the growth is also recorded in the total external transactions of Portuguese wine, which saw a rise of €11 million, from €437 million to €448 million in that same timeframe.

The press release states: “In the 25 main external markets (intra or extra EU) Portugal increased its sales in 18 of these destinations around the world.”

Portuguese producers also increase exports in non-EU markets, with volume growing by 6% and value by 4%.

The Angolan market was also shown to have recovered, recording a 29% rise in value.

Meanwhile, port wine’s accumulated exports grew by 3.2% in volume and 6.3% in value, with the average price increasing by 2.9%, from €4.65 to €4.79 euros per litre.